Why choose us


What kinds of low-cost web services? These:

Specialising in low-cost, easy ways to (any or all) -  

  • put up a stylish website (free or low cost)

  • attach a domain (web address) of your choice (optional) from £12+ (to register it)

  • find a way to have emails (free/low cost)

  • set up social media

  • connecting website updates  

  • set up a low-cost art shop for you to sell

    • either made art 

    • or homeware (computer cases, mugs, wearables) made to order 

Why you? Lots of examples.

  • Qualified in 2000 with a Masters in Information Technology from University College London. 

  • Experienced in building professional academic websites with all kinds of technology (PHP, Tomcat/java/javascript/DBMS, Perl/CGI)

  • Wordpress in AWS with EC2 bitnami disc images for

  • S3 static websites (RapidWeaver, etc.)

  • Social media: twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr...

  • Connecting websites with social media

  • Copy editing your content (this is chargeable)

  • Examples of low-cost websites

I am not sure what I need, can you help? Yes.

Webservices are completely customisable. We can discuss what you need, research costs with some alternatives and then come up with a fee that matches your budget. For example, a small website can be had for free, you may optionally attach a domain (your www address) to it for £12+ a year, you can get emails for free with/out associating them with your domain.

This can be a do-it-4-u service, or you can see how it is done so that you can then manage things yourself. We can simply have a session going through many many options! 

Where do you work? UK. 

I work out of Edinburgh and am familiar with UK services: so, unless you want to give me a "proper job" I am really working with UK folk for UK services for those on a budget. No job too small. Friendly, personal service.

How low cost?

I only charge for the work I do plus you pay the minimal costs for things you choose to have - like a web domain, extra services from web providers. Currently 0-VAT rated because this is a startup business. I charge £20 an hour for services (any work I do after the first 15 minutes) and you also pay for any additional costs that come up (e.g. for the domain that you wish to have, for a shop-in-website, payable direct to providers). No hidden costs (no markup on provider services). Content copy editing is payable.

First 15 minutes conversation is free. Call now.