IT Basics
Low cost - website - email - social

Not techy?  No funds? For a relatively low fee per hour, we can set you up a free or low-cost website, and low cost domain with free emails and even have pictures to add ... photographs and artwork.

New to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.) and on-line shops? Happy to help.

Websites on Wix, Wordpress and AWS (their fees apply) to get you started. Low cost a priority. Shops for art, craft, images - like Etsy, Redbubble ...

How do I know? I'm an artist with 20 years of putting my art online and plenty of work building software. Need help? please email/text/call. I am also a content copy editor

Ia web Services

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Contact 15 minutes free

If you need help with using the web or setting up social media or a website phone for a chat right now or ...

First 15 minutes free

If you need help with choosing how to set up a website phone for a chat right now or message ...

Support Consulting

We can show you around the internet so that you can choose exactly what you need to acheive more, and advise on costs.


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Managed IT Services

Websites can be set up with management or set up for you to manage.

For examples of low cost websites click here.


“I'm so glad you are tech-y. Thanks for taking the time to sit with me and do this.”

Lesley Broadwood
Chair St Thomas of Aquins Parent Council


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