About IA webservices


Dr. H.I. Field

UK born and bred (Wiltshire - Oxford - New York - San Francisco - London - Cambridge - Edinburgh)

Biochemist (University of Oxford) from 1980

French speaking (Alliance Francaise, 1980)

Information Technology (M.Sc. from University College London, 2000)

Founder of imogenart

Experience in IT

ImogenArt art websites since 2000 on various free provision sites, slowly updating and always keeping as cheap and user friendly as possible. Art is a passion and constant companion since childhood. Now working in AWS EC2 (Wordpress) and S3 static website (RapidWeaver, iWeb).

Proteometrics Llc (New York and London) with RADARs proteomics analysis results storage system in Oracle; sales and marketing; development of new software for visualising protein pathways.

InforSense Ltd (Kensington, London) with unique pipeline-creation knowledge management software that stores not only links to data (databases and files) but the paths used for each step in the analysis. Graphically configurable to statistically analyse or visualise data.

LGC Ltd (Teddington) Project Manager for novel laboratory methods (chemistry) and software for Mass spectrometric analysis of DNA sequences across mutations for colon cancer, with A17025 and ISO9001 accreditation, NHS approved.

LGC Genomics (Hoddesdon) Software engineer in Labview Kraken LIMS for ultra-high throughput genotyping laboratory and company management with MySQL.

University of Cambridge - Epidemiology for Cancer from genome wide scans - live Access to Oracle upgrade of existing systems for medium throughput genotyping, with Perl-CGI web front end (intranet), several bioinformatic utility packages and assignment of 'nearest gene' to significant SNPs - all utilities with web front ends for non-computer users.

University of Cambridge - Genome database for Flybase - the oldest shared genomic facility - new software for curating literature and for emailing authors automatically starting with a pile of PDFs (PDFs in, sent emails out with instructions to hit a landing pad to do preliminary curation on a new paper). Also a Sysops person looking after a Redhat Linux and 10-Mac computer facility, looking after backups for crash recovery and maintaining scripts.

Health Informatics Centre Services (Ninewells Hospital, Dundee) programmer for the Tissue Bank software, bringing this up to industry standard with new documentation, services and sales talk!