This is when we just show you around the available services.

There are many kinds of art or photo shops, which produce your work printed on different home goods.

We can take a tour of social media so that you can choose your favourite three.

Conversations about homing people in to your web offering is given and we can send you in the right direction for more advice (marketing strategy).

For example: for a professional marketing strategy to increase sales through your site, go to 

Uniq Marketing

We can look at your website or social media and advise on content or set up, or even create artwork for you.

Your needs depend on what you wish to do with your website; you can set up a blog, to communicate news and events to folk and have that link to a Facebook page. You do not have to be a Facebook user if you don't wish to be. Your website can be connected to the social media outlets of your choice.

We know the basics about using tags and descriptions to increase traffic through your website, but basically it takes hard work, constant updates and plenty of good content offerings. Oh, and excellent photography. Best to pick your knitting and stick to it.